Bar Service

The Waco Convention Center is the exclusive provider of beer, wine, and alcohol services for the facility.

Serving Areas

The entire facility is a TABC-designated serving area. Drinks may not be taken outside the facility.

Security for Bars

Bar service generally requires 1 licensed peace officer per 100 guests. Please check with your sales coordinator.

Any event with alcohol and/or a dance must have security provided by off-duty police or peace officers in uniform who are not attending the event, and who carry a TCOLE license and are commissioned by the City, County or State. The client is responsible for arranging and paying for security directly with the officer(s). Client will need to provide the names, contact information, and TCOLE license numbers for security seven days prior to the event to allow us to confirm details with them.

Summary of Bar Service Types

 Ticketed BarCash Bar
Number served per bar200200
Bar Setup Charge (per bar)$250$250
Gratuity Charge15% (70% to bar staff, 30% to house)Tip jar is set out. 100% goes to bar staff.
Mixed Beverage Tax8.25%Included in price
Is a tip jar set out?NoYes

Ticketed Drink Service

Ticketed drink service allows the client considerable savings over the cash bar price.  Please note there are no refunds for unused tickets. There is a 75-person minimum for this service.

All tickets are numbered and are provided by the Catering Coordinator. 

  75-200 tickets201+ ticketsCash bar price
 Beer & house wine$    5.00 each$4.75 each$5.50 each
 Beer, house wine, well liquor$    7.50 each$7.25 each$8.00 each
 Beer, house wine, call liquor$    8.50 each$8.25 each$9.00 each

If desired, you may switch to a cash bar once tickets are depleted, for an additional $250 setup fee. The setup fee covers labor costs.

Cash Bar Service

Includes basic garnishes, mixers, liquors, and water and soft drinks. Our bars are stocked to serve beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Standard cash bar is 2-4 hours. A tip jar is set out.

Bar Service

How to Book Bar Services

Contact Jennifer Batey, Catering Manager, for more information.

Phone: (254) 750-5829 Email: