Room Signs for your Event

The Waco Convention Center has electronic video monitors located by each meeting room that now allow you the opportunity to create custom signs for your upcoming event!

Below, please find a PowerPoint template for you to use to create your individual event signs.

Template for Room Signs

Right-Click to Download the Template!

Creating a Sign:

  1. Make sure the template is saved on your computer.
  2. Open Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer and create the slide(s) for the event.
  3. A separate slide will need to be made for each room.
  4. When you have several events in the same room for a single day, it’s simpler if you list all events and times for that day on a single slide.
  5. As slides are created, you need to save in JPEG format as you go. After the creation of each slide click FILE, SAVE AS, rename, and change the file type to a JPEG. Each slide should be named date of room use, room name, and time, if applicable “06-29-Brazos Ballroom” or “06-29-Brazos Ballroom 8:30am-10am”. When clicking save the program will ask if all the slides should be exported; click “This slide only.”
  6. Email all slides to your sales representative the week before your event in order for the slides to be listed for your event. Make sure you send them at least by your 7 day deadline for a guarantee of having them uploaded.
  7. If your slide presentation is over 4 Mb, please call your sales manager for other options.

Please contact our main office at (254) 750-5810 or your sales manager if you have any questions regarding these signs.