Below is a summary of key information for exhibitors.


No signs or banners may be hung on the walls or ceilings without prior approval of Waco Convention Center Management. No nails, screws, staples, tacks, or pieces of tape may be used to hang signs.


Click here for the form and instructions on how to order Electricity at your booth.


The Waco Fire Department has supplied the following brochure to detail fire and life safety rules and regulations. All trade shows and trade show exhibits are monitored by the Fire Marshal’s office.

WCC Fire and Life Safety Guidelines (PDF)


No food or beverage products may be given away or sold without prior approval of the Waco Convention Center Management.


The Waco Convention Center does not accept, store, or ship freight or packages for exhibitors, delegates, or decorators. Freight must be shipped to and handled by the official show service contractor or decorator.


Load-in/out for exhibitors must be done through the location designated for that room or hall. This is due to the fact that the WCC has many meeting and exhibit halls which may be in use by multiple clients at the same time. The General Service Contractor for that show should specify the correct loading area for each show. If there is any question as to which access point should be used, please check with the show manager or WCC prior to arrival.
• Chisholm Hall: A loading dock and a loading ramp are located at the end of Chisholm Hall, on 3rd
Street, between Franklin Avenue and Washington Avenue.
• McLennan Hall: A service corridor, that is accessible from the 3rd Street side, is available for load-in and load-out. The doors and ramp can accommodate pallets that are 48″ wide or less.  Vehicles with a lift gate need to be used.
• Brazos Ballroom: A loading dock is located near the room on University-Parks Drive, between the Convention Center and the Hilton Hotel.
• All Lower Level Rooms: Please use entry doors on University Parks Drive. With prior arrangement, the Service Delivery entrance facing Washington Avenue may be used.
• Vehicles are prohibited from driving on pedestrian areas around the facility.
• Vehicles should promptly be moved away from loading area to make room for others.
• Please be aware of all signed and marked Fire Lanes. Parking in a Fire Lane, even for loading or unloading, is illegal and may result in a citation or towing.


Click here to submit your vehicle or equipment for approval.

Any vehicle or equipment for exhibit which will meet or exceed 100 pounds per square foot in weight must provide horizontal dimensions (width and length) of the footprint of the complete rig and unit along with a certified weight ticket indicating the total weight or the rig and unit at least two (2) weeks prior to the move-in day of the event. The dimensions (height, length and width) and weight of all equipment to be displayed inside the Waco Convention Center must be submitted to the Waco Convention Center for pre-approval. Equipment that does not meet weight restrictions (pounds per square foot) will not be allowed inside the Convention Center. This information must be received no later than two weeks prior to the event.

Please note: the measurements are overall dimensions from bumper to bumper (length) x side to side (width). The footprint is surface area that is actually on the floor (length – center of front wheel to center of back wheel) x (width from side to side).