Event Planners FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a summary of some key information for event planners.


What are the building’s hours and what are extended hours?
The building is generally open from 7:30 AM to 12:00 AM, unless there is not a night crew scheduled to come in at 5:00 PM. There is an additional charge to open the building prior to 7:00 am ($200 per hour), or to keep it open late from midnight to 1 am ($200). The building closes at 1:00 AM and is not available for rental past this time.

Where are your offices located?
Our offices are located on the lower level of the Waco Convention Center. The office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. For tours, we prefer you call to make an appointment, to ensure someone is on hand to assist you.

What are the insurance requirements?
The City of Waco requires $1,000,000 event insurance coverage for all events in the Waco Convention Center. The City of Waco must be named as additional insured. A Waiver of Subrogation is required. Primary and noncontributory wording is not required.

What about time for decorating or caterers?
If additional time is required to decorate or set up the room, or a caterer needs access prior to the contracted times, we charge half the normal rental price. Please contact us as soon as possible if the contract does not cover the time you will need for decorating or your caterer.

What are the deposit requirements?
A deposit consisting of the total room rental is due upon execution of the contract. The remainder is due 7 days in advance of the function. Rooms are not firmly reserved until the deposit is paid and the contract has been signed by both parties. Sign and return both copies of the contract.

When is security required?
Security is required for any event where alcohol is being served, events with dancing and other events as deemed necessary by Waco Convention Center Management. Security for the event may be provided by any licensed peace officers (Waco PD, Sheriff’s Deputies, DPS Officers, etc.) Arrangements for scheduling and payment must be made directly with the security provider. The Waco Convention Center must receive notification at least seven (7) days prior to the event of all security arrangements. Security for all events must be in place at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event and must remain at least 30 minutes after the event.

Food & Beverages

Can you provide food & beverage catering in-house?
Yes. Please see that section for more information.

Can we bring in food and beverages?
Outside food and drink is not allowed. This includes beer, wine, liquor, champagne, mixers, sodas, juices, bottled water, snacks, finger foods, etc. All food & beverages must be provided by an approved caterer.

What about Beer, Wine & Liquor Service?
The Waco Convention Center is the exclusive provider, server and seller of all beer, wine and liquor in the Center. Since October 2016, the entire building has been covered by our mixed beverage permit. For all events, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) regulations must be strictly followed. Security is required when alcohol is served.

What about donated alcohol?
Donated alcohol is not allowed in the Waco Convention Center.

Do you allow outside caterers to cater in the facility?
Yes, the Waco Convention Center allows approved caterers to be used. The catering fee is 18% on food and beverages and is paid to us by the caterer. Please call us two weeks in advance of your event to let us know which caterer you will be using. In accordance with the Waco-McLennan County Health Department regulations, no outside food or drink is allowed unless provided by an approved caterer.


Do you have Internet access available?
Yes, we offer free wireless internet access throughout the building, including lobbies and all meeting rooms. It is password protected and available to customers only. Speed is 1 GB upload and download. Hardwired internet access is available in most rooms.

What about electrical service?
Electrical charges may be incurred depending on services required. Electrical service is normally needed for bands, exhibits and tradeshow booths. There are different prices based on how much power is required. There are limits on the amount of power available in some locations within the building. Technical assistance is not provided; a sound technician may be required for operating sound or recording equipment.

What about telephone service?
If telephone service is needed for a exhibit booth or meeting, arrangements must be made separate from the Center. Call AT&T at 1-800-499-7928 for this service.

To book an event, please contact us at (254) 750-5810.